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GottaGo™ Portable Sanitation Kit

A Private, Waterless System for the Collection and Disposal of Human Waste in an Environmentally-friendly way.

HP-ImageKit Includes:

  • OnTheGo Privacy Hut with Carry Bag
  • Plastic, Waterless GottaGoToilet,or
  • Cartonboard, waterless GottaGo Toilet
  • 7  Biodegradable Waste Bags
  • 7  ChemiSan Applications for Accelerated Deodorization, Decomposition of Human Waste, pathogen control


For Emergency and Outdoor Sanitation:

  • Convenient - All the Basics for Toilet Needs. Everything in One Place.
  • Portable - Components Weigh Less than 12-lbs. (5.5kgs).  Everything Stores Flat in Handy Carry Bag.
  • PrivateHut Can Be Used Anywhere Privacy is Desired.  With GottaGoToilet.  For Changing or Use with a Shower.
  • Durable The Privacy Hut is Made of Durable, Polyester with Steel frame.  The GottaGoToilet Is Made of Strong, Resilent Plastic. Holds up to 400lbs-(181kgs).


Use Again and Again for Years.

  • Earth-FriendlyWaste is Collected in Biodegradable Bags.  ChemiSan , which Helps Deodorize and Decompose the Waste, is a Safe, Organic Compound.  It Reduces Dangerous Pathogens in Human Waste.  Bags Can Be Easily Disposed of Or Buried.
  • WaterlessNo Need for Water.  ChemiSan’s Powder is Activated by the Body’s Waste.


How it Works:There are four essential components in the GottaGo Portable Sanitation Kit.   The Privacy Hut.  The GottaGoToilet.  ChemiSan and Biodegradable Waste Bags.  Simply Set Up the Privacy Hut.  Unfold the  GottaGoToilet. Takes just minutes.  Place a Waste Bag Over the Toilet Opening.  Place the Toilet Inside the Hut.  After the First Toilet Use, Sprinkle One ChemiSan Packet Over the Waste.  Close the Toilet Lid.

At The End of the Day Or After Each Use, Tie the Bag and Bury or Dispose of Properly.  The Bag, the Waste and the ChemiSan All Biodegradable Leaving Behind a Safe, Environmentally-friendly, Soil or Humus.

Seven Applications of ChemiSan and Waste Bags are Included.  Order More at

©Global Sanitation Systems, Inc.

GottaGoToilet, ChemiSan and are Manufactured in the USA.  The Privacy Hut is made in China.