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Mobile Toilets

Indoor plumbing and indoor toilets have made using the bathroom a simple, sanitary experience, and have made outhouses a thing of the past. But you don't find indoor toilets everywhere. Worksites, campsites, and large public events such as fairs and carnivals are all places where indoor toilets are desperately needed, but too often in short supply. Mobile toilets are the perfect solution to this problem. These toilets are exactly what their name suggests and can be taken where they are needed, when they are needed. Consider them modernized, glorified outhouses on wheels that can be used to supply any bathroom demand.

Mobile toilets have some obvious benefits simply because they are portable, but where, honestly, are they used? The answer is, everywhere. If you've ever gone to a carnival or fair, more than likely you've seen a row of portable toilets with a line a mile long for each stall. Construction sites, work sites, and building sites are also common customers for these handy bathrooms. Mobile toilets are also excellent for large outdoor weddings or corporate events, sports games, where there are hundreds of screaming fans all drinking sodas, and they are even used in disaster relief. In any major natural disaster, plumbing and sanitation are two of the first things to disappear. The beauty of mobile toilets is that they aren't permanent, but they are a simple way to solve a big problem, regardless of the scenario.

Possibly the greatest benefit of mobile toilets is that they are sanitary. They aren't like national park bathrooms, where you are sitting over a giant hole, hoping that your lunch stays down. Most units have flushable toilets and sinks with water for hand-washing. They can accommodate a large number of people before they are full, but it won't be a problem from a sanitary perspective if you are the last to use it because you won't be literally faced with the waste from the last hundred occupants. Mobile toilets are as clean and sanitary as any public toilet can boast, which is great because there is nothing worse than walking into a bathroom feeling clean and fresh, and walking out feeling like you should have worn a haz-mat suit.

Mobile toilets are mounted on trailers for easy portability. They are also lightweight, so they don't require a big rig to tow them around. They are a bathroom on wheels, and come in one and two stall units. The bigger models go up to five or more units per trailer; you may need a bigger vehicle for these. Mobile toilets are designed to be easy to use so setup, take down, emptying, and cleaning are all simple, uncomplicated tasks. With their ease of use and ability to go and be used almost anywhere, mobile toilets effectively solve the problem of human waste management, whether it's on a construction site, in the middle of nowhere, or in the wake of a natural disaster