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Portable Camping Toilets


Portable Toilets for Camping

Camping is a great summer past-time guaranteed to leave you with a few bug bites and a ton of memories. When you pack up a few necessities, leave civilization behind, and survive in the wilderness (even if it only is for a couple of days), you get a sense of adventure, of excitement. The only problem is, when you leave civilization behind, you leave plumbing behind as well; your indoor toilets can't be dragged with you into the mountains. But that doesn't mean you have to do your business over a log. You simply need to invest in a portable toilet for camping, There are many different type and models available on the market today.

One of the most common is the bucket toilet. These portable toilets are made for camping and storing food. They are simple to use and lightweight. A portable bucket toilet is exactly what it sounds like, a toilet made from a five or seven gallon bucket. These toilets have a seat that attaches to the top of the bucket. But the downside to them is the messy cleanup and lack of portability.

Bucket toilets won't work for every outdoorsman. They are large and bulky, which means if you want your toilet to come with you while hiking or backpacking, the bucket toilet won't work. For a portable camping toilet with more portability, you'll want to consider a collapsible toilet. These are perfect for the hiker or backpacker. They are lightweight and fold up small enough to be included with your hiking gear. A good collapsible toilet will have a solid frame, a soft seat, and weight no more than five pounds.

Bucket toilets certainly solve the problem of no toilet, but that is about all they do; but, with a  sturdy collapsible toilet you get the advantage of portability and mobility. If you like to camp in one location for a few days, you'll want to consider a more ridged toilet. The ideal toilet is a plastic collapsible toilet. These are designed to last a long time, and still be portable. They are ideal for family camping because they can easily be used by a group of people. Just change the waste collection bag as needed and you’re good to go. Please make sure you add some ChemiSanTM after the first use to start the breakdown process of the waste. This will ensure all the human waste will become an orderless humus that is safe for the environment.

Portable toilets for camping are necessity if you plan on camping, hiking, or backpacking for any length of time. They are convenient and help to protect the environment and other campers from the spread of any disease through human waste. The GottaGoTM toilet is the most environmentally friendly toilet, and are designed for ease of use, convenience, and environment protection.