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Personal Preparedness

preparedness2To prepare for gas and electricity outages, we have lanterns and stoves on hand. For emergencies, we store food and drinking water, even paper staples. There are 7-day emergency kits and blankets in our cars. But one of the biggest challenges in any emergency situation is what do you do "when you gotta go?" What happens when we have no water for the toilets in our homes or have to move out of our homes into areas where no toilets are available? Personal sanitation may well be the single-most overlooked need in emergency preparedness. Ruggedly constructed to hold a person up to 275-lbs (125 kg), the Waterless GottaGoToilet is made of super strong, double-wall corrugated, paperboard. It can be used and reused many times when taken care of properly. It weighs only two pounds (.9kg).

The GottaGoToilet is a single, one-piece unit so there are no parts to lose. It's so easy to assemble even a young child can put it together. No tools are required. When assembled, the GottaGoToilet is 15" (38cm) high and has a comfortable 13" x 13" sitting area (33x33cm). For durability and cleanliness, each toilet is treated with wax and Spector CoatTM, a special moisture-resistant coating that helps repel water and protect it from the elements. For added cleanliness and protection from insects, the toilet has an attached lid. The GottaGoToilet folds to a compact 13" x 2" x 15" (33 x 5 x 38cm) so it's easy to store and carry.

Each toilet comes with an initial supply of eight 100% biodegradable and compostable waste bags. They are made from cornstarch and other earth-friendly ingredients. Simply place one of the bags over the toilet opening and use the toilet. When finished, seal the bag and discard of it properly to decompose. It is easy and clean.

Store it in its resealable storage bag and use it again and again. The Waterless GottaGoToilet is a reliable, earth-friendly way to "do what comes naturally" when toilets are unavailable or out of commission.