Eco-Pod 44

Eco Pod Information

  • 1 people full-time use / 2 -3 people part-time use - can be increased by adding optional extra compost bins
  • More systems can be added as required, catering to larger families sizes and depending on the number of bathrooms in situ.
  • Reduces waste by over 90%, leaving behind nutrient rich, hygienically safe compost for disposal
  • Silent 12V fan and convenient drain system for any excess liquid
  • Easily connects to mains power or optional solar pack (see below for our solar power kit)
  • Two batch composting system allows for maximum capacity
  • Designed for easy installation using common handyman tools
  • Perfect for tiny homes and slab buildings, as no underfloor space is required.

Australia & New Zealand's most affordable composting toilet!!!


What do you get? Comes with 2 composting containers + lid as standard - plus 12V fan, 240V adaptor, vent cowl, moisture trap to protect the fan from condensation, 2m of vent pipe, covering material, compost starter & excess liquids drainage pipe.

: Dimensions 706mm(L) x 400mm(W) x 590mm(H), Toilet Seat Height 420mm

The Eco-Pod's fan can be powered by mains electricity, or by connecting it to a 12V solar power source.
See our solar power system below.

The water-less Eco-Pod compost toilet is a self-contained batchcomposting toilet system. A silent fan increases air-flow within the system and generates enhanced evaporation capacity. This establishes ideal conditions for efficient break-down of the contents and guarantees completely odour-free operation.

Peat is used to aid in this process and as a cover material to minimise visual/olfactory impact.

An appealing design and simplicity of use make the Eco-Pod a great choice for any location. The aerobic decomposition and evaporation functions reduce human waste to a hygienically-safe material that can be recycled back to nature without polluting the environment.

See the ingenious peat storage / application system:

Rated at 1 person full-time use and 2 - 3 people part-time use, the Eco-Pod's capacity can be increased by adding optional composting bins ($195.00 each including lid). Each bin increases the capacity of the system by 1 person. When a compost bin fills, just remove the bin and move it outside for further composting and place the next bin inside the unit.

Equipped with a convenient drain tube, the Eco-Pod drains off any excess liquid not evaporated to be dispersed via a gravel filled dispersal trench.

The Eco Pod's proven batch composting system combined with constant air circulation proves an excellent solution to almost any situation. It separates liquid from solid waste. A very appealing design and simplicity of use, makes the Eco-Pod a great choice!

The Eco-Pod is easy to install by anyone with basic handyman knowledge in just a couple hours with common household tools.

Click on pictures below illustrating air flow, composting container, drainage system, automatic shut-off valve (to avoid leakage when exchanging containers), wheels and handle for easy removal of container,  outhouse and specifications.

SF-20 Solar Power Supply - $375.00

The 20W Solar Power System is a Solar Energy system that is the perfect solution for powering your toilet vent fan and basic off grid power requirements. Low cost, high reliability design - 20W poly-crystalline solar panel with 5m cable and 150Wh LiFePO4 Battery - 3 x 12V outputs, 2 x 5V USB outputs, Portable, durable energy supply system - LFP (LiFePO4) batteries offer longer cycles life than other lithium-ion batteries.

2 x 3W LED Lights included with 4m lead and switch.

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